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Welcome to Aquareef

Aquareef specializes in creating and maintaining custom marine aquariums

...dazzling animated jewels that capture the eye and don't let go! Whether you're a beginner or an established marine aquarist, we make the process easy, interesting and fun.

Reef Fish:

Salt water fish Common Stock:

With our extensive experience in marine husbandry, we can help you put together a vibrant fish community to inhabit your new saltwater aquarium or coral reef tank.
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Hard and soft coral Common Stock:

Our corals come from reputable suppliers in the South Pacific and Southern Asia. Occasionally we acquire farmed livestock and, at times, we can offer cuttings from established specimens that have grown too large for a particular installation.
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Marine invertebrates Common Stock:

Diversity in a reef aquarium cannot be complete without including many different types of invertebrates as well. From crustaceans, mollusks, starfish, feather duster tubeworms to tridacna clams.
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Quality products and supplies for a healthy marine environment.

From tanks, lighting and water care to additives, buffers and marine salt, we have everything you need to get your saltwater / marine aquarium or coral reef tank up and running!

Vibrant, active, acclimated livestock collected by eco-friendly suppliers.

Our colourful hard and soft corals, radiant reef fish, live rock and colonies of curious invertebrates will bring your aquarium to life! All our specimens are acclimated in optimal conditions to ensure that they're healthy and thriving when they reach your tank!

Aquareef places the highest priority on patronizing only ecologically sound distribution channels for our livestock. Furthermore, we only supply livestock that is deemed successful in captivity and those that are able to coexist in harmony.

Personalized service sets us apart.

Our years of experience in the saltwater aquarium industry have been fed by our passion for the marine environment. We've designed and continue to maintain aquariums for dozens of well-satisfied clients, including home and office set-ups.

Whether you're just getting set up or already established, you can count on our knowledge and experience to help you make the right choices. We can also help you with installation, maintenance, relocation, special orders, custom designs, fish sitting, and more!

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